Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What 'they' Say, What 'they' Mean

After a deep psychoanalytical Varshney-style analysis of some famous, infamous but common statements made by the 'seniors' to their beloved 'juniors' in the hallowed portals, here comes enlightenment about what they actually mean:

'Lets go for a walk'
Is a polite and subtle substitute for the indecent 'Come with me to my room', coz step by step my friend, we'll get there ;)

'Oh you haven't been to Deep Purple yet!!!'
Is an obvious hint to 'Don't worry honey, I'll take you there. Hope you're free tomorrow'

'Nahh, you don't need to study much for Gango'
Such a humble attempt at highlighting 'Oh am so good at the subject, I'll teach you this weekend'

'Interesting' as a comment on someone's facebook status message / random results from some random quiz
Shows how jobless a person can be in second year. Implies 'Thanks for guiding my way to another useless activity to while my oh-so-idle time away, as you know I got nothing better to do'

'This is a part of XL culture'
Is a loud and clear 'I just made it up 2 seconds ago, as it gives me sadistic pleasure and helps me derive a few cheap laughs out at your cost' :)


  1. quite close!....though m wondering is dat wat they all meant all the time...:p